Cute cable knit blanket

cable knit blanket cable knit throw | pottery barn ABBJUDP
cable knit blanket cable knit throw | pottery barn ABBJUDP

Cable Knit Blankets are always cute and endearing. They are so nice to look at. The spirals going up and down are the most amazing thing in the world. They are easy to knit pieces that can be used for almost anything. Well if you still do not think that cable knit blankets are the thing for you, well you are mistaken. Here is a list of colors and ideas you can weave them in. they are great for every room. Just imagine them kept in a cute pink in your daughter’s room. Is that not the sweetest image you have ever conjured? So what are you waiting for? Cable knitting is in no way new and neither is cable knit blankets. Though it is nice to have cable knit blankets yet have a look at other things that can use this style of knitting.

Have a look at the ideas given below and get yourself a cable knitted garment:

  1. Socks: socks are a must in the winters and so cable knit socks can add extra coziness to your winters.
  2. Sweaters: cable knit sweaters are as it is a great wearable item. They engulf you in comfort and you would love how it feels.
  3. Shawls: cable knit shawls look very elegant on anybody wearing them. They are the kinds that have the ability to make anyone look nice.
  4. Cardigans: cardigans are front open and look very formal and yet are wearable on day to day basis.

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