Decorate the table with crochet placemats

crochet placemats options placemat u0026 coaster WHQKHWR
crochet placemats options placemat u0026 coaster WHQKHWR

Placemat is a kind of table cloth that can be placed on dining tables. They are large table cloth that is used to cover the entire table. They are made from different fabrics and also used for different purposes like decoration, dining, advertises, entertain etc. They can be used to place the pots, dishes or glasses and paly as a protective shield for the table. Colorful placemats can add color to the table too. A new learner should start with crochet placemats as they provide a good base for practice.

Steps for easy crochet placemats

  • Make foundation chain of about 55 – 65 chains
  • Make one single crochet in each chain in the entire row.
  • Turn now and again make another row with single crochet
  • In the next row again make one single crochet in each stitch.
  • Repeat 3 and 4 step
  • Fasten the yarn
  • Cut the excess yarn
  • Tie the knot and trim ends neatly.

Crochet placemats are very much in style. They give a charming look to the table as well as the kitchen. Handmade crochet placemats with beautiful colors are just excellent piece of décor. Guests will never go unnoticed and will always appreciate your hard work and talent. Crochet placemats can be customized to match with the seasons. Select the perfect style for the placemats to match with the décor of the house or with the season. Two pieces can be made separately and the stitched together to create a larger placemats for the table.

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