Different filet crochet patterns

filet crochet patterns crochet filet and more for your kitchen free patterns XXLRFNP
filet crochet patterns crochet filet and more for your kitchen free patterns XXLRFNP

Filet crochet is a technique that uses chain stitches and double crochet to create filled in blocks and open meshes. Filet crochet patterns can be made combining different pictorial designs and motifs. Here are some of very beautiful filet crochet patterns.

Checkered diamond pattern

This pattern is very versatile. You can either make it by repeating the checkered diamond pattern of any size, large or small or you can make the filet a square by repeating the pattern as many times as required.

Hearts trim pattern

This filet crochet trim is made using alternate heart pattern. The hearts are crocheted in such a manner that one up side heart is followed by another downside heart. This design is particularly suitable to trim pillowcases, sheets etc.

Dragonfly pattern

This is a unique pattern to crochet a filet. Multiple dragon flies are created throughout the filet. Though it is a very good pattern for crocheting filet, it can also be created in a single crochet or afghan stitch background.

Christmas pattern

This pattern uses Christmas themes like Santa, Christmas tree etc. to crochet filets. Being based on Christmas theme, the filets are crocheted using multiple coloured yarn.

Bird pattern

Bird patterns are very popular among filet crochet patterns. Different birds can be crocheted on the filets like chickens, owl, goose etc. or little birds pattern can be used on the edges.

Flower patterns

Floral designs are all time favorite motifs for crocheting. Filets are crocheted using flower motifs like daffodil, white, red or pink rose, Irish flowers etc.

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