Different knitting patterns

knitting patterns free patterns? yes please VOFSYNH
knitting patterns free patterns? yes please VOFSYNH

Knitting refers to weaving designs that are used to knit different types of fabric together. Knitting involves multiple and complex loops and it is very difficult to read knitting patterns. There are a couple of differences between knitting and crochet. In crochet technique, a single hook is used for stitching the yarns or threads. Whereas in knitting you can use up to as many hooks as you desire. Generally, two to four needles are used while stitching. The knitting incorporates different threads or yarns to make the cloth colourful and eye-catching.

Number of needles

Single Needle

The straight needle pattern comprises of only one needle used in the knitting pattern. It is a basic knitting pattern that is suitable for beginners to start with knitting.

Two needles

This pattern uses two needles. The pattern is usually used to make up hats and ponchos. There are several patterns that can be made up using two needles.

Moreover, you can use more than two needles to make up several needles. Usually experienced stitches intend to use three to four needles while knitting.

Knitting Patterns

There are several knitting patterns that you may take up to design your cloth.

Purl Stitch Pattern

Easy Arm Knitting

Circle Knitting

Increased Stitches

Decreased Stitches

Different Colour Knitting

Slip Knot Pattern

These are some of the patterns that you might take up while designing your hats, ponchos or sweaters. Knitting may seem a bit difficult in starting but is a very fun job to do when you practice it properly.

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