Different types of free crochet flower patterns

free crochet flower patterns related: my crochet tools - favorite products and where to
free crochet flower patterns related: my crochet tools - favorite products and where to find them ETCBSWN

Crochet flowers look great as decorative pieces. Different colors of yarn and different crocheting patterns can be combined to make these eye catching items. Here are descriptions of few free crochet flower patterns.

Flat crochet flower appliqué

Though crotchet flowers are difficult to lie flat, some do so more than others. This particular pattern is flatter than others and gives three dimensional effects. The center of the flower is little pooped up with the ends lying on the ground. This pattern is particularly suitable as appliqué to stitch on another piece.

Treble crotchet petals pattern

This pattern is very similar to the above one but each of its petals has one less stitch. So, the flowers look thinner and longer than the above mentioned pattern.  Treble crotchets are used in this pattern. This is the most admired among free crochet flower patterns.

Sunflower appliqué

Sunflowers are admired by everyone and you will definitely like to stitch one such imperishable flower, on your favorite dress. This pattern involves simple sunflower design, combining two or more colored yarn. The center is made dark and the petals are light colored. Each petal is given the shape of a triangle.

Popcorn flower pattern

Among free crochet flower patterns, another beautiful design is popcorn flower design. These crochet flowers go very well with baby girls’ cloths or small handbags etc. The petals are deep and the flower gives a three dimensional effect.

Besides, there are other patterns like one color motif, layered rose, petals with holes, frost flower etc.

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