DIY Homemade Tapered Jeans Tutorial

stean tapered jeans | dk aged | men | g-star raw® BMINFFR
stean tapered jeans | dk aged | men | g-star raw® BMINFFR

Tapered jeans are pretty cool. But, is not it cooler to transform your everyday pair of jeans to a cool pair of tapered jeans? The notion is very simple and just about anyone can make these provided that they follow the right steps. You will need to equip yourself with a seam ripper (or really thin ended scissors), a sewing machine, a pair of scissors, a few pins and chalk in order to make your marks. For starters, you will need to wear your jeans inside out in order to take your appropriate measurements. Use the pins to make the markings and then proceed to take off the trousers.

You must make sure to check if the trouser’s leg comes off easily after you are done with the pinning. Remember that if you have difficulty taking it off, once you sew on the new measurements, it will be impossible to wear them. If you need to loosen or widen the marking a little, do so. Once you are done with the markings and are happy with them, proceed to use a seam opener to open up the older seams. Do not mess up your markings for once the seams are opened there is no way that you can remark the trousers.

After that, use your sewing machine to sew along the markings that you made. You will need to use the scissors to snip off the extra fabric once you are done sewing it. And ta-da, your homemade tapered jeans are ready to wear.

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