Easy and simple knitting hat patterns

knitting hat patterns northward - a free cable hat pattern! (tin can knits) EZAQCDQ
knitting hat patterns northward - a free cable hat pattern! (tin can knits) EZAQCDQ

It may not be always necessary to buy a hat from outside. One can create one of their own using knitting hat patterns. Knitting needles, yarn and basic knowledge of knitting is all that is required for knitting.

Guidelines for knitting a hat

Materials: Choosing the right needles, yarn and other necessities are important. Needles are available in different sizes and are determined on the basis of the stitch selected for the pattern. A knitting needle that is circular in shape is best for knitting a hat. Right selection is yarn is important for a proper look of the hat. Always buy yarn as advised in the pattern. The yarn should be thick enough and should have some weight. Cotton is mostly preferred for hats as they are comfortable and cool. Other accessories like Scissors, measuring tape, markers are also needed for a knitting hat pattern project.

Measuring head: Measuring the head is required to estimate the number of stitches that needs to be taken to make the hat. This should be proper or else the hat wont fit perfectly.. It is to be noted that yarn can easily stretch but it is difficult to shrink hence it is better tio round down than round up.

Knitting: cast the stitches in round shape. Do not twist the round. Now pattern your hat in round and round one above the other. Try your hat to decide on the size

Finishing: To finish start decreasing the stitches. Decrease in every round. Adjust the needles to give a proper shape. Cut your yarn Remove the needle and tighten the last few stitches.

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