Easy crochet blanket patterns

easy crochet blanket free chunky crochet throw pattern using the duchess stitch - leelee
easy crochet blanket free chunky crochet throw pattern using the duchess stitch - leelee knits. LJQTREO

Revealed are some of the easy crochet blanket patterns, which even beginners can try without any worry. Though, these are not the only ones. Crochet blankets can be made several different ways. These are only some popular and easy patterns.

Jiffy crochet throw

If you are looking for an easy crochet blanket pattern that requires least amount of time, this is the choice for you. This blankets are crocheted using very heavy yarn; that’s why requires lesser crocheting compared to other patterns. Enjoy the warmth of crochet throw during the coldest days of the year.

Lilac blanket

If you are an amateur mom who also happens to be a beginner crocheted, this easy crochets blanket pattern is just right for you. Use worsted yarn of your chosen color to make this cute little blanket. You only need 1 skein of yarn to make a 43 inch square blanket.

Primrose blanket

This blanket is perfect to be used in summer and autumn evenings. The floral design is really vibrant and made using 9 to 10 colors of yarn. Different colored flowers are crocheted and then bordered and joined using a uniform color yarn. Though the blanket pattern mainly calls for intermediate level of crocheting expertise, beginners can also try this by making a small sample first.

Brighton blanket

These blankets are actually a treasure for a family. Its uniqueness lies in its color combination and design. This is definitely not something that comes in mind first when you think of crochet blanket patterns.

Besides these 4, there are other patterns that are highly suitable for beginners. Any type of baby blanket falls under this category.

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