Enjoy Winter’s Last Days with Over The Knee Boots

over the knee boots try wearing an oversized knit sweater with a pale or
over the knee boots try wearing an oversized knit sweater with a pale or pastel CPPYGWL

Winter is gone in most countries in the world but in others there is still a chilly draft blowing the heat off our faces and leaving our noses numb. If you live in one of those countries then count yourself lucky. You can still make the best out of those last days of winter by dressing up. The season for over the knee boots is not over yet so do not give up hope on looking cozy yet sexy. Here are five extra glam and awesome looks you can pull off with over the knee boots:

The first look consists of a boyfriend shirt (dress shirt) and pair of jeggings with your over the knee boots. Tuck one side of the shirt in your jeans for a sporty look and wear your boots. Leave the cuffs unbuttoned.

The second look is a lot cozier than you think! You will need an oversized shirt, a shorter jacket and your knee boots. You won’t need pants for the oversized shirt does it all!

Thirdly, your look is going to very chic and dark. All your clothes will be black for an effortless stunning outfit. A dress with a handkerchief hemline along with a coat on top (the style is your choice).

Your fourth look is casual and homey! You will be wearing tights and an overlarge turtleneck textured sweater.

Last of all this look will be very conservative yet sophisticated. You have to wear black tights, with a high-neck grey top preferably tucked in and a long black coat. The coat has t reach under your knees.

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