Expand your skills with tunisian crochet patterns

beginner and easy tunisian crochet patterns URHWALR
beginner and easy tunisian crochet patterns URHWALR

Tunisian Crochet Patterns are for those who want to expand their skills in crocheting. If you have been crocheting for the past many months now and feel absolutely an expert at that then it’s probably time to progress to the Tunisian crochet patterns. Whether you think you are ready or not will depend on the number of crochet designs you have completed so far. If you think now you are adept creating basic crochet patterns with ease, you can now take on the next level. But before you go on to check this next level you should make sure that your present styles are neat and clean as this is important.

Tunisian crochet patterns involve both the skills of crocheting and needling. It is also known as afghan pattern besides being known as Tunisian pattern. There is a hook that you have to learn to make and after that you will be considered good at this pattern.


You can make the following with this amazing blended pattern:

Clutches: who does not need clutches, we all do and as it turns out they are easiest to make. So make a lot of matching clutches to wear them with your outfits.

Ties: a lot of gift ties can be made using this technique. You will be able to master it within days of starting out.

Cowls: Hoods or cowls look so good on kids and even better on adults. They make one look cute and are so easy to make.

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