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free crochet shawl patterns one skein summer wrap by marty miller - free crochet
free crochet shawl patterns one skein summer wrap by marty miller - free crochet pattern - YPFDUJI

A shawl is a protective cover when the air is cool. Shawls are the best crochet projects as they are easy and fast as compared to sweater. Choosing the best yarn and pattern is equally important to create a soft and beautiful shawl. Beautiful and elegant designs for free crochet shawl patterns are a great source of help to knit a shawl. One needs to understand various elements related to choose the best yarn for your project.

Some of the elements are

Yarn weight: Always try to get the yarn as suggested in the pattern. The yarn weight plays a significant role in designing the shawl. Some yarn may give a smaller and delicate look while some others may be heavier and warmer. They may appear larger too. For shawls lace weight yarn are the most recommended. Light weight yarn may not provide enough warn. These kinds of shawls can be worn under a coat or wrapped around the neck.

Fiber: Wool is the best for shawls. Cotton or linen fibers are preferred for summer wear. Cotton is best for summer season as the fiber is soft and breathable. This can be drape in different ways and shapes. When following a free crochet shawl pattern you want to substitute the fiber as against mentioned in the pattern be very careful in doing so as this may give out negative outcome at the end of the project.

Yarn color: Choosing the right color of the yarn is very important. Natural colors are the best and the safest option as they can be matched with almost everything. One can experiment with the colors and create a new colorful shawl of their won.

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