Flattering crochet shrug patterns

crochet shrug ribbed lacy shrug for how to crochet a shrug PFOSUZC
crochet shrug ribbed lacy shrug for how to crochet a shrug PFOSUZC

Shrugs are short cropped garments that can either be long or short sleeved. They are worn as outer clothing, as layering for dresses, shirts or tank tops, as they cover only part of the upper body. Crochet shrugs can be patterned to suit many people’s needs using the common crochet stitches, either one stitch or a combination of more than one stitch. Some of the most flattering patterns are shared in this article.

Granny Cocoon Crochet Shrug

The granny cocoon stitch is one stitch that brings out a unique and beautifully finished shrug. The stitch is popular among crotchetier with experience with the granny square stitch. The double crochet and chain stitch are used, but smaller holes are left to bring out the cocoon pattern. Using a larger crochet hook will help in achieving this pattern.

Chevron lace Crochet Shrug

The chevron stitch is a zig zag pattern that can be achieved by either using the single or double crochet. A chevron lace pattern is thus more intricate and elegant. Crochet shrug made using this pattern will look elegant when worn over a dress. Colors to be used should be chosen with care, to avoid color clashing with your outfits.

Vintage Crochet Shrug

The vintage crocheting patterns are mostly lace and doily. You can make great shrugs using these two crocheting stitches. With skill and practice you can be able to interweave other stitches with these two stitches to produce intricate patterns for your shrug.

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