Flower blossoms with crochet

crochet flower pattern easy six petal flower pattern YLSQAAE
crochet flower pattern easy six petal flower pattern YLSQAAE

Crochet is a style of knitting that is used to add beauty to your fabrics. You can design different patterns and shapes on your clothes with a little effort. A baby frock or a bed cover looks refreshing and colorful if crochet flowers are knitted on it.

You can design a variety of flower designs with the help of crochet. Here we are going to discuss a few of them.


Sunflower is a bright colored flower with a number of long petals. You can carve this sunflower on your bedspread, shawl or table cloth.


Depending on the color of sunflower that are yellow and green with a touch of black from the middle, follow the following pattern,

*Use the yarn of yellow shade, you may give a variation to the shade of sunflower by selecting shades of red, orange or gold.

*Show the central design of sunflower, the black part with seeds. You can use buttons, embroided floss, beads or sequins to design this part.

*you may use the lazy daisy stitch to show the seeds,

*You can knit small or big sized sunflowers by changing the yarn weight and also the sizes of hooks.


Any design of flower is easy to crochet on your fabric. If you are planning to crochet a flower with 6 petals use a white colored yarn and follow the same stitch throughout. Slip stitch is used to form the central ring. By using this slip stitch you can make a puff stitch flower.

In the same way by following a variety of stitches make attractive flower designs of your own choice.

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