Gorgeous Long Cardigan Fall Looks

h by halston regular v-neck button front long cardigan - page SOBKTYT
h by halston regular v-neck button front long cardigan - page SOBKTYT

At times when you are setting off for some place at night and it is kind of chilly you need some coverage. Something that is lighter than a sweater and can keep you warm but not too warm! Most girls go for sweaters or jackets, maybe even hoodies but the real item that you should be slipping on your shoulders is a long cardigan. In some countries and cultures they are referred to as shrugs. Long cardigans are very versatile and you can style them in various different ways.

The first look is trendy and has a very feminine vibe to it. You can start by putting on a black skater skirt or pleated skirt, whatever you are comfortable in. Then slip into a comfortable shirt. You can pick a blouse, a boyfriend shirt or anything that fits you and is not too baggy. Tuck the shirt in the skirt and put on a long cardigan preferably in the shirt’s color. Flat soled shoes would be preferable.

Your second outfit could look a bit Autumn-y. Choose a kimono long cardigan; they usually reach the top of your ankles. With the long flowy cardigan go for a mini skirt or a pair of shorts! A plain t-shirt with a V neck along with stockings and a pair of combat boots can finish off the look.

Muted hues are a top pick these days so choose a grey long cardigan with a cute short skirt. Long cardigans look best with short bottoms. A top in a matching muted shade would be perfect, say burgundy?

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