Guide to choosing cable knit throw

natural cable knit throw blanket | this beautiful cable knit blanket goes VVIRFSX
natural cable knit throw blanket | this beautiful cable knit blanket goes VVIRFSX

Throws are used as decorative pieces in home furniture, on walls as well as used for baby blankets and warm weather blankets for your afternoon naps. Cable knit throws have the cable stitch as their primary pattern. The cable knitting pattern has the won the hearts of many people, both knitters and wearers alike. When going for a cable knit throw blanket, consider a few of the tips shared in this article.

Consider the fabric

Cable knitting can be achieved in a number of yarn fabrics. Intricate designs are also brought out depending on the type of fabric used.

Cotton fabric Cable Knit Throw

Cotton is a natural fabric that is soft, easy to wash and breathable. It is therefore suitable for use in warm weather. Cotton fabric is also the best to use for the baby blanket since it is soft. When going to buy a cable knit throw, choose cotton if breathability is of importance to you. Also note that cotton fabrics do not return to their original shape when stretched, thus shrinkage may occur and contend use over the years will see it losing its original shape.

Wool fabric Cable Knit Throw

Woolen fabrics are best for the winter season, as they keep you warm for longer without you loosing the body heat. They are also shrinking prone, so extra care needs to be taken to minimize tee shrinkage. If cable knit throw patterns flatter you, you can go for these two fabrics for your throw. Other fabrics are also available and can be cable knit. It all depends on the purpose for which you want to use the cable knit throw.

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