How to get started when planning to crochet a hat?

crochet hat stepping texture hat GEROHGM
crochet hat stepping texture hat GEROHGM

Whether you are planning to gift a customized crochet hat to your friend or looking to get creative yourself, you need to always get the basics right. This can be quite hard if you are a beginner. Crocheting can prove out to be a great hobby. You might be intimidated at first. You can follow these simple steps to get the foundation right which will save you a lot of time.

Step 1: Choose your yarn appropriately

Whatever your task is, whether you’re planning to crochet hats or a shawl, choosing the yarn plays a crucial role in the entire process. Beginners prefer choosing yarns that aren’t much fluffy and possess sufficient elasticity. You can opt for a yarn made of wool or acrylic based on your level of comfort in handling these materials. You can opt for any color of your choice. Choosing dark colors can pose the problem of making it hard to figure out the stitches. You can opt for a lighter hue if you don’t want to struggle much with keeping a tab on the count.

Step 2: Choose the right crochet hook

The hook size is dependent on the yarn size. Choose a hook size that will help you work with various yarn sizes and also make you feel comfortable.

Step 3: Figure out your hat size

While you intend to crochet hats, you need to determine how small or large you want your hat to be. You can follow the general guidelines that are available all over. This will ensure the fit would be appropriate.

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