How to knit blanket for babies?

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knit blanket colorful corner blanket | purl soho alternate yarn: super tuff puff at FONKOHC

Knitting a blanket for her baby is something which makes every mom happy. But the other side of the picture is that moms don’t have enough time to spend only for knitting. So, here is a guide which lets every mom knit a simple yet cozy blanket for her baby.

To knit blanket you need to decide on the stitch pattern to use. For baby blankets stocking stitch is the best. You need to have soft yarn of a chosen color. Select your needles and then knit a test swatch of 4 inch x 4 inch. If you will be using an established pattern, it will be easy to decide how many stitches and rows will be required to knit a 4 inch x 4 inch swatch. In order to knit blanket according to your own pattern, you have to measure and calculate yourself.

Then cast on the number of stitches required for your chosen pattern. Continue knitting the entire row following the knit pattern appropriate for the design of the blanket. Turn the work and continue knitting until your desired length is achieved.

Now cast off loosely. This means, using your left hand needle, you pry the bottom stitch over the right hand needle so that it drops over the other stitch of the right hand needle. Then cast one stitch on the right hand needle and again pry the bottom stitch over the top stitch. Repeat this many times and at the end, pull the tail of the yarn to make it tight.

Now the last step to knit blanket is to use the left over yarn and a sewing needle to tighten the loose parts, if any and cut off the extra yarn.

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