How to use free sewing patterns?

free sewing patterns free t-shirt pattern. on a roll, roll neck t-shirt with LHRCLPJ
free sewing patterns free t-shirt pattern. on a roll, roll neck t-shirt with LHRCLPJ

Beginners find it quite confusing to use free sewing patterns. The drawings, confusing terms make the entire process pretty complicated. Sewing patterns act like roadmap when you take up any sewing task. These assist in the way the task has to be accomplished. Sewing patterns are quite useful but one must know how to use these. Here are few basic steps that one can follow pertaining to the use of a free sewing pattern.

  1. Develop a body measurement chart

This should consist of all the information pertaining to the selection of the right size for the free sewing patterns that you’ve. You can also draft yours with proper care.

  1. Choose the appropriate sewing pattern

This is vital. Your body measurement chart must be appropriate for having the right sewing pattern.

  1. Figure which size group you fall in

Sewing patterns come with a sizing table and instruction sheet. Make sure you compare the measurement with the one you created.

  1. Symbols

Check the cut marks and symbols appropriately. Study them properly to avoid misinterpreting the pattern.

  1. Fitting of the pattern and alteration

You need to transfer the pattern on a different sheet to avoid cutting the original pattern. Carry out a proper fitting for your size.

  1. Fabric cutting

Arrange the pattern on the fabric and follow the instruction properly. Be careful and avoid mistakes.

  1. Remove the pattern

Mark structural lines on the fabric. Remove the patterns when done and make use of proper marking tools.

  1. Carry out sewing

Once you are done with the above mentioned steps, you are ready to sew. Pin the pieces together and make corrections if necessary.

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