Importance of crochet table runners

crochet table runner free patterns. - youtube LANAMJD
crochet table runner free patterns. - youtube LANAMJD


Crochet is one of the many healthy things that one can get involved with. Simply out, the crochet process turns yarn into a useful piece of fabric such as a cardigan, a shirt and even a slipper. It is not too different from knitting but does have some dissimilarity. The first difference is that crochet uses a single hook and this hook is made from many different materials. Knitting uses two needles which are long and help in making stitches. Another difference is in the way stitches are made. Crochet has a single stitch that is worked upon at once. The knitting process has many open stitches on the needles. Many different products are crocheted and crochet table runners are a part of these products too.


Table runners are very important items to place on tables, whether they are dining tables or coffee tables. Table runners are used to keep the tables clean and make them look better. Crochet table runners are even better ones because of the unique designs and patterns that can be made and the different material that is used in crocheting instead of the common plastic material that is used to make table runners. Crochet table runners are soft and are easy to make as well.

Different patterns

Many different patterns can be followed to make crochet table runners. These patterns lead to differently designed table runners and that is why different patterns hold importance. Not all patterns look nice on all tables. Some look better on the dining table while others look better on dressing tables.

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