Jean Shorts: What Colors to Wear on Top

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jean shorts vila vigroup - denim shorts ($45) ❤ liked on polyvore featuring HQYNQAJ

Jean shorts (also referred to as jean cutoffs and booty shorts) are widely spread among women and they all love the. Some may say that they are not fashion but crude sex appeal but they are so wrong. Jean shorts are the best way to express your inner fashionista and show your tasteful choice in colors and how you dress yourself up. Men also wear jean shorts but it is quite rare. For the ladies out there who want to rock jean shorts perfectly and with the best colors here is your ultimate guide that is guaranteed 100%.

Light blue jean shorts look great with dark colors like black, brown and maroon. Although if you want to wear light colors as well you can combine both of the shades. Wear a white blouse tucked in your jean shorts then add a black jacket, coat on top.

Stripes look really find with jean shorts. If you are wearing a darkly shaded pair of jean shorts then try on a brightly colored striped top. And vice versa as well, if you are wearing lightly colored jean shorts pair them with dark striped shirts. Plaid shirts are also a top option to wear with jean shorts. Some girls choose to knot them at the waist.

Over sized sweaters and shirts are at their lime light when worn with these jean shorts. They kind of complete the look. If you wear over sized alone it will make you uncomfortable for fear of hitching up the waist. But when you wear with them jean shorts your outfit will be perfect.

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