Knit hat patterns

knit hat patterns downton nora vintage cloche hat pattern RTGNPDB
knit hat patterns downton nora vintage cloche hat pattern RTGNPDB

You can knit your own hat for the winter seasons and keep yourself warm on minimum budget, so long as you start early. There are a few patterns that beginners can use to make their hats, which are not difficult to learn. With patience and enthusiasm, you will be able to knit many other patterns.

Garter Stitch Knit Hat patterns

The garter stitch is one of the best beginner stitches to start with. With the right yarn weight,. You can make a very cozy winter hat. You will need knitting needles of size between 8 and 11 mm, bulky yarn and a gauge of 18 rows and 9 stitches. You will then use the garter stitch to make the winter hat. More interesting, you can add a pompom on top of the hat if you like.

Twist and Drop Stitch Knit Hat Pattern

Twist and drop stitches are ones that are a bit challenging, as people are prone to making some mistakes with the stitching. It is not a bad idea for beginners to challenge themselves with this stitch, as it produces great patterns that can be flattering to wear. For this knitting project, a twisted drop stitch is what is required, with a gauge of 4 inches for every 20 stitches.

Wicker Stitch Knit hat Pattern

This stitch produces really amazing hats. Any beginner can do it, using the wicker stitch, yarn made of wool, needles of suitable size and a gauge of 4 inches per 20 stitches.

With these knit hat patterns, you can make yourself a nice winter hat to keep you warm, as well as hone your knitting skills.

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