Knit scarf pattern in demand

knit scarf pattern blue knit scarf LLSWNXR
knit scarf pattern blue knit scarf LLSWNXR

Knitting scarves is the most admired hobby of most of the ladies. Scarves can be knitted in uncountable patterns but in this article you will get to know the in-demand knit scarf pattern. Actually, it is not a single pattern rather couple of patterns that find place in every lady’s wardrobe.

Peacock scarf pattern

This pattern requires less time and is very easy to make. It is made with worsted yarn and gives a stylish lacy look. Though, the colour of the yarn used is traditionally peacock green for this type of scarf, there is no harm if you would like to personalize it.

Infinity scarf

When it comes to knit scarf pattern, infinity scarves need to be mentioned. The scarf is knitted for winter days using heavy yarn. The pattern uses most easiest stitches and you can add variations by skipping few rows to make it a cowl or adding few more to get extra large size.

Finger knit infinity scarf

No need to use needles any more. You and even your kids can easily try this beautiful finger knitted scarves. The scarf is perfect for beginners and allows to  make variations in it.

Lace scarf

This pattern requires intermediate level of knitting expertise. The scarves are more fashionable and not that warm. But you would definitely like to save them for some special occasions. The scarves are knitted following doily pattern.

Homespun circle scarf

This is the super easiest knit scarf pattern. You can do it while watching TV or chatting with friends. The stitch pattern is very easy to remember. Mostly light brown colour is used for this scarf pattern but as always, there is definitely scope for experimenting.

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