Knit sweater –a versatile item of clothing

hamptons knit sweater - shopluckyduck - 5 YZNQKMU
hamptons knit sweater - shopluckyduck - 5 YZNQKMU

A knitted garment that covers the upper part of the body is known as a sweater. Knit sweaters are either front open that fasten down the front are called cardigans or closed from the front and can simply be worn over your head are called pullovers. Sweaters are worn by children and adults over a shirt or blouse with jeans, pants or skirts. Earlier sweaters were made from wool and worn in cold weather, but now cotton and synthetic sweaters are worn round the year.

Sweaters come in a variety of designs. The necklines of sweaters are V-neck, crew neck or turtle neck. The length of a sweater is either till the waistband of pants or skirts or long according to the pattern. The length of the sleeves also varies from short-sleeved or three-quarters to full-length. A poncho style   knitted dress is quite popular with youngsters.  Knitted fabrics are usually softer and warmer than woven fabric and can be knitted in various styles. Knit sweaters are sometimes tightly fitted or at times loose depending on your choice. The border of the sweater can be ribbed or have picots or frills.

Thin sweaters can be worn tucked into the waistband of trousers and skirts or they can be worn on top of any outfit. Women often wear long sweaters with leggings. Some sweaters for women are supposed to be worn with a belt or at times a drawstring or belt is knitted into the sweater itself.

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