Knit ties for – a sophisticated and elegant accessory

Knit ties are excellent accessories worn round the neck under the shirt collar and knotted at the neck. Lately knitted ties have gained a lot of popularity and can be worn not only in warmer months but round the year. For years silk and wool were the only materials used to make knit ties but now blends like the linen and wool, linen and cotton or linen with silk can be a great option. Usually narrow knitted ties with a width of 2.5 to 3 inches look the best but they should be worn if the coat lapels are also of a similar width, but wider ones look good when worn under a jacket with wide lapels or a double breasted suit. It is advisable to tie just one knot which is the four in hand knot with knit ties; otherwise the knot gets really bulky and big.

Knit ties come in a variety of colors but darker and muted shades look good during winters while vivid or brighter shades are suitable for summer months. Maroon, black and navy blue knitted ties are the most popular choices today, but a black tie worn over a white shirt will work wonders.  Apart from the plain single colored ties horizontal stripes in contrasting colors or a zigzag design look quite stylish while ties knitted with small polka dots also look classy. Another option for a knitted tie is a tie that has a different colored tip. The materials for knit ties are either softer knit ties that are worn with casual outfits and the solid knit ties that can be worn with formal businesslike suits.

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