Knitting becomes wonderful with cable knitting pattern

cable knit sweater womenu0027s UMYGDSA
cable knit sweater womenu0027s UMYGDSA


Knitting sweaters and other garments for babies and yourself also is a complicated art but with interest and concern one can make knitting a fun. There are various style of knitting patterns and you have to select from them the pattern that suits you and also an easier one. Let’s discuss about cable knitting pattern here,


This is a style of knitting in which beautiful texture of cross layers are made with the help of permuting stitches. The procedure followed is that the person who is knitting has to take four stitches on the needle in the order ABCD, the methodology is simple in a way that one might cross the first two from front or behind the next two stitches. This pattern will continue till the end of knitting giving the stitches the new order of CDAB.

Cable braids:

Cables are usually used to make braid patterns. With the increasing number of cables increase, the quantity of crossing pattern also increases. New designs can be formed by changing the space, shifting the center lines.

Different types of cables gives the design a new look. For example a two cable braid looks much like a rope. A three cable braid resembles a simple plait or can get the style of simple chain.


This means ribbing made through cables, a simple example is that of a set of parallel two cable plaits. This is a style that is never out of fashion made with the crochet popcorn and crochet bobble stitch. The cream color of this crochet cable pattern will make your skirts or tops awesome and attractive.

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