Latest trends in crochet bikini pattern

crochet bikini pattern green-bikini-crochet-pattern RQSQJJR
crochet bikini pattern green-bikini-crochet-pattern RQSQJJR

Crochet bikini pattern is one of the most stylish and sexy bikini patterns. If you like crochet items, then next summer you must try a crochet bikini. Crochet bikinis are not primarily meant for wearing in water, but for lying on the beaches and for having a sun bath, they are incomparable. Here are the “in” patterns of crochet bikini.

Classic bikini

These are traditional one color; two piece bikinis that make you get noticed on the beach. Very smooth yarn is used to make these bikinis, so that they provide maximum comfort in summer days.

Capri bikini

The upper part of the bikini is crocheted in Capri style, the lower part being as usual. Contrast color appliqués on these bikinis enhance their beauty even more.

Bikini cover-up

The latest crochet bikini pattern is the bikini cover up. The bikini parts are made of cotton and the cover up is crocheted using matching colored yarn.

Vintage bikini

This bikini style follows the trends of 60s and 70s. The upper part is a bikini brassiere and the lower part is like a boxer.

Rosetta bikini

This bikini covers more of the body than other bikini types. To crochet this bikini, usually multiple color yarns are used. Nice design borders are crocheted for this type of bikinis.

Bikini top and skirt

The upper part is crocheted like normal bikini and the lower part is crocheted like short length skirts. The set is one colored but has very unique appeal.

These are not the only patterns. Bikinis can be crocheted in many innovative ways.

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