Linen Shirts – Ironing Them The Proper Way

linen shirts mens linen shirt more FPKACEA
linen shirts mens linen shirt more FPKACEA

Linen is known for its soft texture and everyone loves it. Girls love to wear linen shirts in the summer since the fabric is known to put you at ease and not irk you. Usually scratchy clothes with materials like polyester will irritate your skin and make you sweat a lot more than you should. But how do you take care of linen shirts? Yes you know how to wash them but how do you make them look presentable? Ironing linen shirts can be a hassle and a tad bit difficult but everything is cleared out in this article.

For white shirts you can start by taking a spray can of starch and evenly spraying the section you are pressing. DO NOT bring your spray can too close to the fabric for that makes uneven sprays and flakes that area. Put your iron on the highest setting and take your time while pressing. Rushing the job will simply make your shirt look disheveled. Make sure there are not any crease marks on the area you are pressing.

Although if you are pressing patterned linen shirts. Maybe a blouse or a something, do not use starch. Especially if there is black in your patterns! Use water instead. If you have a spray bottle fill it with water and spray away. Or if your iron has a water setting then use that. The water will help in keeping the fabric wrinkle free. Also do not forget to wear safety glasses for the starch steam can do your eyes nothing good.

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