Liven up your home with crochet rugs

crochet rug repurposed t-shirt rug BMIATCP
crochet rug repurposed t-shirt rug BMIATCP

Rugs are a common accessory in most homes. They are mostly used as a flooring décor item, though some are now being used for wall decorations. With crocheted rugs, there are limitless ways in which you can use them.

Play Room Rugs

You can make a crochet rug for your kid’s play room, or even bedroom. The best thing about crocheting is that anything you want can be custom made to suit your needs. Adding a bit of creativity, you can make play room rugs of designs that are similar to toys, such as a crab fish rug, a sea turtle rug, a bear rug among many others.

Doily Crochet Rugs

Using different patterns for the doily, you can make a doily rug of any size you want. This type is more versatile, it can be made for flooring, for counter tops and even for use as a table mat. Small coasters can also be made using this doily crochet technique. Giant crochet rugs can be used in place of the commercial tapestry. With yarns coming in many different colors, you can add versatility to your home décor using crochet rugs.

Hexagonal Rugs

You can do almost anything with crocheting, include making of rugs of various shapes. You are not limited to the square or triangular rugs, but can also make hexagonal rugs, oval rugs, spiral rugs and pentagon, octagon rugs.

Crochet rugs are comfortable on your feet as well as decorative to your home. You can perhaps start thinking of making these rugs for your new home improvement project.

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