Long crochet cardigans

crochet cardigan soft drape kimono jacket KNQIJFI
crochet cardigan soft drape kimono jacket KNQIJFI

Long Crochet Cardigans are loved by women all over the world for their handsome and pleasing dapper. If you thing crochet cardigans are only for women, you are mistaken. Men also wear cardigans but theirs are very different from those of women. Men like to wear cardigans that are simple and are a little macho. Women however, prefer cardigans that are feminine and make them look slender and thin. Looking thin is the prime focus of all women no matter what the topic is. This is the reason why women are always looking for new patterns that will compliment their body type. Here are some of the patterns that will flatter all body types.

Front open

The front open long crochet cardigans are loved by all women. It is something universal about these cardigans strikes a chord with everyone who likes to wear them. You can never go wrong with wearing a front open long cardigan as they look good on everyone.

Loose crochet

Loose crochet long cardigans are other amazing pieces that help you attain that look of a goddess. They are stitched loosely to give that flashy and fancy feel to the whole garment. These look very debonair and very cosmopolitan when worn with a skirt.

Frock style

These are covered all over and give a younger look to whoever adorns them. They can be of various lengths depending on what the requirement is.

You should always experiment with styles till you reach a style that looks good on you.

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