Make a style statement wearing a chunky knit cardigan

chunky knit cardigan bring an oversized cardigan or robe to stay warm and make
chunky knit cardigan bring an oversized cardigan or robe to stay warm and make it NOUSBEE

During the cold winter months one just feels like warming up in a cozy chunky knit cardigan. A cardigan is a sweater that is open at the front with buttons, with or without collars. A chunky knit sweater is a favorite with most people as it can be paired with jeans, pants or skirts.

First of all these chunky knit sweaters are very comfortable. An oversized cardigan looks really cool as you can wear it over anything from a dress to a tee and jeans. They give a very casual look but one rule applies here is that a slouchier cardigan looks best with skinnier jeans. A chunky knit cardigan will look great if knitted with bulky or super-bulky yarn to give a thick and textured look. Cables or the double moss stitch on bulky yarn for a chunky sweater will look excellent but one thing is certain that knitting a cardigan with bulky wool will take less time and you can finish the pattern very quickly. There are innumerable designs for a chunky sweater as they can have a lacy design or several different stitches in one sweater and at times a single button or a shawl pin is used to hold the front of the cardigan. You can make a cardigan with fluted sleeves that fit very easily but give a trendy look to the cardigan.  You can knit chunky knit cardigans for little boys and girls too. In case the cardigan is without buttons, you can belt it to give a clinched look.

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