Patterns for knit socks lovers

knit socks knitting socks IYFDLVG
knit socks knitting socks IYFDLVG

Preference for knit socks is always there. Not only for the warmth they offer but also for the variety in colour and design that these socks provide, make them a must have for every gender and every age. If you would like to knit socks on your own, you don’t need to take advanced knitting lessons. Here are some easy patterns for you.

Easy socks

This should be your first pattern to start knitting. The socks are knitted using dyed worsted yarns which differ in one shed. Colour of the yarn is a matter of your choice. For the first time, just make them a size to cover to your ankle and a little more. The socks are super warm.

Lotus blossom socks

Now its time to add little twist to your basic knit socks. The socks have lattice pattern on the ankles and usually made using feminine coloured yarn. For making these, you need intermediate level of expertise. You will require double pointed needle to knit these socks.

Pansy path pattern

These socks length to a little above your ankle. The socks are made with sock-ease yarn and are enough warm for winter. There is a cute striped pattern around the top of the sock which adds to its beauty. You can easily customize the pattern by switching the colour combination.

İn house pattern

Not only for outside, you need socks to walk inside your house in winter days. This type is hand knitted socks are made usually by combining two colours of yarn. Only basic stitches are required to knit socks of this pattern.

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