Pink Cardigan Helps You Style with Grace

a light pink cardigan to wear with DMTXOPW
a light pink cardigan to wear with DMTXOPW

Pairing pink cardigan with white or black shades looks classy. These two colors add in the brightness of pink and make your outfit pretty. White polka dots are a very popular design to go with pink. Consider black polka dots also instead of white. These polka dot designs in dresses, cardigans, blouses and even shoes look feminine and  pretty but you have to be careful about one thing that a third color addition must be in full blend with the two existing shades.

Accessorizing pink with proper matching colors is also as necessary as your other garments. With pink cardigan a black or white handbag looks highly complementing but if there is some glitter in your shoes or hair accessories, you can pick a golden hand bag, too.  Bag size or different colors in a bag does not make a big difference. As far as the pink shade is prominent and layering your outfit perfectly, do not worry about anything.

Your pink cardigan with white tights and a white blouse looks gorgeous but should you layer it with white heels? No, that will be too much white and by wearing a different color in your shoes that complements your outfit, you will add cool effects in your outlook. Imaging wearing red heels for a dashing look or multi-color sandals! Try one or more options from your cupboard and check your image in the mirror if there is a friend or family member around ask his opinion also to look at yourself from a foreign view!

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