Pleated Skirt Accentuates Your Figure

pleated skirt loading zoom REVQZCX
pleated skirt loading zoom REVQZCX

Pleats accent a skirt. It is a good thing that you can find many different designs in pleats. Each design has its own style and you can choose one that accents your figure the most. The top famous pleats are knife pleats, box pleats, cartridge pleats, accordion pleats and fortuny pleats. Often plain fabric is used for making pleated skirts because plain fabric allows the pleats to be more prominent

When you pick a pleated skirt, choose from your wardrobe other layering garments that suit the pleats. Blouse, scarf, top and may be stockings, too should accent your skirt.

Body shape is a very essential factor in wearing a pleated skirt. If you have a pear and apple figure, better not go for a pleated garment especially for your lower body. A smarter and slimmer woman can choose pleats as it adds a feminine aura to her lower half. For hour-glass figures a pleated skirt is a fine choice. It adds more to your curves.

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