Red Pencil Skirt – A polished and Professional Outfit

red pencil skirt with back zipper fastening GYKEJBN
red pencil skirt with back zipper fastening GYKEJBN

When the season of falls starts you look around for wearing something flirty, smart and polished. Why? Because you want to fight the grey dullness of the weather and feel professional at work with a vibe of liveliness!  For your long office hours nothing does best but a pencil skirt and when it comes to colors, picking a red pencil skirt is an exclusive choice.

What comes first to your mind when you think of styling your red pencil skirt? A white blouse is the first matching garment that pops up in the mind of anyone.   White looks great with red in any form and in any style.  Other option is black. This color is s versatile that it does not look old and boring no matter how many times you pair you red skirts with it. Another striking color option for your blouse is black and white blended. It can be spotted or stripped but it matches greatly with your red skirt.

Your overall looks owe to your wittiness of matching the colors of your heels, handbag, a top and hair accessories. Do not pick everything red as it is so cliché. And also it looks not much attractive to be all in red or mostly in red. Keep your lovely red pencil skirt pure red and layer it with a jacket in any other color like black is your blouse is white or  vice versa.  Put on a black or silver heel and pick a camel color handbag. It must be the style of the day in your office!

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