Ripped Jeans’ Fun Facts You Should Know

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ripped jeans hover to zoom SCXFJDW

You will see many celebrities and fashion models throwing on a pair of ripped jeans whenever they head out for a casual outing. Sometimes you ask yourself, can I achieve that kind of outfit? Many questions will swarm your head but you won’t really settle for a decision. Well how will you ever know if ripped jeans are your type if you do not give them a shot? Here are some facts you should know about ripped jeans before making the choice of wearing them.

  • They never go out of style! No matter when you wear them, they always look good. They have stuck around since the 1990s.
  • Some people may mistake skinny jeans with ripped jeans but they are very different. You can wear any type of jeans which are ripped and they will look good.
  • Ripped jeans are also called distressed jeans and boyfriend jeans.
  • There are many DIY tutorial and videos explaining how to rip your own jeans. Instead of beating yourself up searching for the right pair of ripped jeans, simply switch on a tutorial and do it yourself.
  • You can wear possibly anything and everything with ripped jeans. From creating your own fashion styles to wearing boyish tops. Sweaters, blazers, crop tops and bralets are very popular choices. Also the choice of shoes is very variant. Sneakers, heels, pumps, wedges…the list never ends.
  • There are famous fashion brands like Calvin Klein and Forever 21 that produce high quality ripped jeans. You can find many of their products either on online outlets or physical stores around your area.

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