Sequin Pants Styling Tips

sequin pants 66010.jpg SWMUAQC
sequin pants 66010.jpg SWMUAQC

You must have seen shiny tights in the market that have flair and appeal. You cannot escape their magnetic attraction and wearing them is real fashion these days. You must be wondering how to style these sequin pants and make them a great choice. There are some top tips to style your new lovely sequins without splurging a lot. Most of the garments that you can pair with your sequins are available in your wardrobe.

The top most essential item for pairing with sequins pants are heels. Yes, without heels your sequins lose their aura and you look to be wearing just ordinary pants.  For heels your options are countless. It can be in any style and design and you may find in your shoe rack some options that can pair with your shiny pants. With golden sequins black, red, golden and burgundy heels look great. With silver sequins also same color shades would do except that you replace golden heels with silver heels. Black sequins are done with black heels more.

Your top choice of shirt is striped. Any stripes would look great. Thin and wide both are good options. If you wear a plain shirt, let it be a button up but go versatile in color combination.   A sequin T shirt is also a great choice but be creative in choosing the style of the shirt.

Choose a top that is matching in its color and fabric with your rest of the outfit. A short jacket with golden buttons can be an excellent selection for golden sequin pants.

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