Simple crochet patterns for beginners

simple crochet patterns simple-crochet-patterns-5 XTFVREX
simple crochet patterns simple-crochet-patterns-5 XTFVREX

Crocheting is a very nice hobby and a great way to spend some extra time. Instead of ruining your time on watching some movies or TV series, you might as well get the most out of it by adopting crocheting as a hobby. The best part is that you can do it while watching those movies or TV series. In addition to being creative and inspiring, crocheting is a very rewarding hobby which pays you book with some nice pieces of clothing and decorative items for your house. If you want to start off with crocheting, you may start off with working on some simple crochet patterns which are especially devised for beginners. Some of these basic patterns are described below.


Making a bookmark for your favorite novel is a good way to start off with your crocheting venture. You may crochet one for yourself or you may gift it to someone you love.

Chain necklace:

Chain necklace is another simple crochet pattern. Just like bookmark, chain necklace requires just the basic knowledge of single and chain crochet stitches. Rather than yarn thread, making use of crochet thread is recommended for a chain necklace.

Mollie infinity scarf:

One of the hottest yet very simple crochet patterns includes Mollie infinity scarves. They are very easy to make as they need single crochet stitches only. The technique of front loop crochet stitching is used to crochet these scarves. You can use a single colored yarn while multiple colors can also be used.

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