Slouchy beanie crochet patterns to try out

slouchy beanie crochet pattern easy slouchy beanie | MNHNPPV
slouchy beanie crochet pattern easy slouchy beanie | MNHNPPV

A beanie, or simply a knitted cap, or tuque, is worn to provide warmth during those cold winter days. The most popular material used to make these caps is woolen yarn, which provides warmth to the wearer no matter how low the degrees dip. However, there are other materials used to make the beanie, including plant materials such as cotton. With slouching beanie, you don’t have to make the caps specifically for winter. You can even make the beanies as fashion head gears to be worn any time during the warm weather.

Double Crochet Pattern

The double crochet pattern produces a very neat slouchy beanie, which can be of any color of your choice. It is made using the double crochet stitch, just as the name suggests. You will also need to know how to do the magic crochet to be able to attain the perfect beanie. A half double crochet can also be used to produce a great hat.

Rib Stitch Crochet Beanie Pattern

The ribbed stitch is a great stitch to try out with beanies. A 2 * 2 ribbing is the best to use for this slouching beanie crochet project, where two knit stitches and two purls are applied to produce a neat ribbed pattern. You are however not limited to the 2*2 ribbing, you can also use other ribbing stitches for your hat, such as the cable ribbing pattern to bring out even more flattering patterns for the slouchy beanie.

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