Some crochet doll patterns

crochet doll patterns amigurumi crochet dolls free pattern YMOEKOC
crochet doll patterns amigurumi crochet dolls free pattern YMOEKOC

Dolls have always been a girl’s favorite. These old-school toys never seem to get old and girls of all sizes love a doll or two, either to play with or just as a memory of their childhood.

This article introduces a creative way to make a doll on your own.  Crochet the doll pattern explained below and create a beautiful doll.

First of all, you will need a number of different colored yarns including the color you choose for the skin of the doll, the clothes and the face etc.

If you want to make a doll based on a certain character, you will have to choose the colors according to that character’s look.

Next, you will have to crochet a basic doll figure from the yarn you chose for the skin color. The crochet doll pattern you can use is a basic square pattern for this. Next, fill this form with cotton. You will now have a doll figure.

Next, crochet the clothes you want to out in the doll. You can make small frocks, cardigans etc. The knitting patterns you chose for these dresses can be lacy or flowery. This way, they will take less time to knit and would look like a proper dress.

For the hair, insert separate strands of warn into the head, pull them out from the other side, tie a knot and them cut them any length you want. For the eyes, make two stitches out of black yarn. Make a long stitch from pink yarn for the mouth. You can also use beads for the eyes.

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