Some details about crochet christmas trees

crochet christmas tree get pattern -u003e christmas tree crochet free pattern RVKRIZU
crochet christmas tree get pattern -u003e christmas tree crochet free pattern RVKRIZU

The holiday season is here. I am sure you are all busy preparing for Christmas family dinners and gatherings, adding little touches here and there. The most important element of Christmas is the Christmas tree of course. No Christmas is complete without the signature, homely Christmas tree, decorated with lights and stars.

This article also tells you how to make a Christmas tree-a miniature one. This easy crochet Christmas tree will add a special touch to your Christmas decorations. You can use it in a number of ways. You can use it to decorate the fireplace, hang it on your doorknob or use it as a decoration piece for side-tables. You can even use this mini Christmas tree to decorate the real tree itself!

Choose the wool yourself- make sure it is green though. Next, crochet the wool in a circular direction using your desired pattern i.e. braided, criss-cross etc. Once you have complete one complete circle, start crocheting over it until you have created another circle over the previous one. Also, decrease the circles in diameter so that you create a cone like shape. Once you reach the top edge, your work would look like a conical tree.

Next, you can decorate the tree with little decorative materials you have. You can use sequins, buttons etc. Sew the decorative articles you have chosen on the tree randomly. This will make it look like a proper Christmas tree.

Follow the above steps and crochet a Christmas tree of your own.

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