Stun With A Bold Attire And Floral Trousers

monochrome high waisted floral trousers VPTZIGC
monochrome high waisted floral trousers VPTZIGC

The floral print is a rather bold one and at times one might get intimidated to wear it. Not everyone can pull off the ‘cluttered’ or ‘full’ floral trousers’ designs and this is precisely why they are as underrated as they are. Pairing a top with your floral trousers is confusing at times. Going for an all-over floral or printed look would most probably make you stand out like a sore thumb, right? Wrong! It might just make you a sight for sore eyes if you do it right.

The first thing to remember if you happen to be going for a full floral print look is to choose a top that is of the very same print that the trousers are. This is a subtle tip that often goes unnoticed.  Wearing a top with a different pattern will clash obviously with your floral trousers and hence cause a glaring imbalance in your attire. (*whispers* You might just end up looking like a tramp!)

If you do not wish to make a bold impression and want to opt for a subtler look, go for sleek high heels and a plain colored top preferably in the same color as the base shade of your trousers. This outfit is perfect for a slew of different occasions from office wear to evening parties to a night out with friends or even a sleepover. The sheer sleekness of it is enough to make you look stunning at just about any time of the day or week.

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