Style with cowl knitting pattern

cowl knitting pattern frons cowl pdf knitting pattern HGCYCQI
cowl knitting pattern frons cowl pdf knitting pattern HGCYCQI

Cowl’s are a style of scarf which are simple yet stylish. They can be made into trim and thin cowl or a thick heavy one. They can be worn in different styles. It is worn over the head to cover the neck. Cowl’s can also be worn as a hood or as a scarf. Cowl knitting patterns are every easy and hence every beginner should try knitting a cowl at the initial stage of learning. If the size of the cowl is small one skein of your preferred yarn will be enough. These are very quick to complete too. Once you start knitting a cowl you would want to finish it off early and wear it to show off to your friends and family.

Different styles of cowl

  • Textural cowl
  • Turtle cowl
  • Woolen cowl
  • Seashore cowl
  • Autumn harvest cowl
  • Palette cowl
  • Welted cowl
  • Butterfly stitch cowl
  • Seed stitch cowl

Types of Cowl

Lace cowl: Lace cowl are very elegant, light and cozy. Lace cowls are made from neutral colors to define the stitch used for making the cowl.

Chalice cowl: Chalice cowl solves of problem of sliding of the shawl. It remains in place and are very fashionable as well as functional.

Arboles cowl: These are classy type of scarves mostly made using slip stitch.

Fitted cowl: Fitted cowl will stick to the neck and have firm fitting. They can be patterned in a simple way.The size can be customized as per individual preference.

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