Style your knit poncho

free knit poncho patterns FWBQTYX
free knit poncho patterns FWBQTYX

Ponchos are very popular everywhere. They can be wrapped and styled in different ways. A poncho goes on all body types and can be worn over variety of clothing. Ponchos are available in different cuts, patterns and fabric. They are very versatile for all seasons. Ponchos made from thick fabric can be worn to get protection from the wind during cold season. They can also be worn at office where the air conditioners are too high. Sweater knit type of ponchos are like cashmere poncho It can be made using cotton, wool cashmere or other thick fabric. Knit Ponchos look great for a casual evening or for a perfect weekend outing.

Knit Ponchos look great with skinny jeans or with a printed t-shirt they can be worn over all most everything. Ponchos are knitted in long rectangular shaoe and then folded at the ends with one end open to put in your head. Knit ponchos are loosely fit hence the sitches should eb selected accordingly. Pochos can be knitted in different shapes. They are very easy to knit. But it is important to start with a simple design to learn and understand the various factors related to knitting a poncho.

Types of shapes for knit ponchos

  • Folded rectangle
  • Folded rectangle seamless
  • Knit in the round like a square
  • 2 piece rectangular shape
  • Rhombus
  • 2 piece notched square
  • Rondel knit in round
  • Folded triangle

Each shape has its own advantages and disadvantages. Every shape requires a technique. Using proper yarn and color is important to get the best result in the project

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