Stylish crochet poncho

crochet poncho boho retro gypsy hippie free shipping by mariex3 LPILETV
crochet poncho boho retro gypsy hippie free shipping by mariex3 LPILETV

The word limitless implies perfectly when we are talking about crochet ponchos. They never seem to go out of style and are always seen worn in the most voguish of magazines and street wear journals. Crochet ponchos are not a new trend; they have been around ever since fashion came into being. They have been experimented with and produced in short and long, big and small, tapering and circular, all designs that you can think of. They are so loved by everyone for two reasons, one they look very stylish and two they make you feel warm and cozy. Now who would not want to wear a piece that is so nice in all the aspects?

Another great thing about ponchos is that they can be worn by one and all. If you are a small baby or an adult, you can wear it without ant problem. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Long Crochet Ponchos: They are very chic and cosmopolitan when worn by an adult. You can wear them with so many different dresses. It could be worn with trousers, over a long skirt or even over a long dress that touches ground.
  2. Triangle Crochet Ponchos: they are best suited with a jeans and a high neck underneath. If you are a student or an office gore, this is the design for you.
  3. Front Open Crochet Ponchos: they are different but very nice to look for. They are open from the front and can be worn on all garments.

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