Suit Vest Selection with Various Style Options

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structure menu0027s fitted suit vest MCOKCMQ

Men’s smart posture owes to a number of factors. Your suit and its design are responsible for portraying your positive physical features in the best way possible. Suit vest is one of your dress suit parts that are specially added to the whole attire to make you look well-defined at the waist. It is an essential item with your suit and you need to be extra careful about its designing and styling.

If you are getting your suit custom made you have the option of choosing the color and design of your vest. You can make it out of the same fabric that is used for making the jacket and pants or contrast the color in a complementing manner so as to make your suit look more attractive.

When it comes to contrasting the color shades, you have many options at hand. Either you choose a color that you have a thin line of in your neck tie to make it responsive with something visually prominent, or pick white as a primary shade to make your vest practical with any dress suit in your wardrobe. White vest matches with shades of grey, brown, charcoal and even black in some cases.

A lighter shade suit vest complements your pant and you can have this mild contrast to create a soft image of your dress. Keep the neck tie of a shade that matches with your pants and coat in case your vest is in another lighter shade. In every case keep your shirt in clear contrast with your vest. This is especially to define your vest more clearly on your body!

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