The Accessorization of A Polka Dot Skirt

black white polka dot skirt striped shirt RUBTTAS
black white polka dot skirt striped shirt RUBTTAS

Searching for fun and beautiful outfit designs for the summer can be very grueling especially when you have no idea what you are actually searching for. Most girls would head straight to Pintrest and check out those boho, chic fashion outfits that will just rock your world in the summer. To put it simply, summer is a season which calls for fresh and casual outfits. Something that will fall around the criteria of a polka dot skirt!

A polka dot skirt is famous for its various ensembles and how it will always brighten up your wardrobe. And the best thing about them is that they come in various colors and sizes. The problem lies on how exactly you should customize them.

Belts are an all time favorite and the best option to compliment your outfit when you are in need of something simple yet can make a statement. Tuck your shirt in and add the belt!

Jewelry of course is a very obvious option but not all types will match. Go for a necklace with an extra long chain or some knuckle rings. Maybe 2-3 bracelets on each hand!

Your choice of footwear is important as well. For a modest ensemble go for pump heels! With a short polka dot skirt and a colorful top, booties will be just the ticket.

Hairdos are another great aspect of your polka dot skirt outfit. If you’re going for a polka dot skirt with big dots then keeping your hair down is a good choice. On the other hand a small dotted skirt will suit with a ponytail or a cute bun.

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