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afghan blanket afghan (blanket) - wikipedia LVXNTFP
afghan blanket afghan (blanket) - wikipedia LVXNTFP


An afghan is a blanket made by knitted or crochet wool. This kind of blanket is often found on the back of an easy chair or on the bed side to give you a cozy feeling. These are much liked as a gift item because they are also used as a decorating item for the back of chair. They add grace to your bed room when are used as a bedspread. Following are a few afghan blanket patterns.


This type of blanket is used as a carriage rug also and looks awesome if are placed on the front of piano. It is made with a blend of two shades, a darker and a lighter shade. An open stripe of dark shade is overlapped by the stripe of white knitting with the cross stitch.


This pattern is casted with 44 stitches. The size and weight of this bedspread can be changed by altering the thickness of yarn used. This design shows the shape of a shell which are made by joining these shells and placing narrow point to the center of the first row of another shell, thus making the afghan blanket an attractive one.


This pattern is an original version of size 10 cotton. This bedcover is knitted in stripes joined with the help of crochet.


This is also a striped pattern blanket. It is made with dk wool on 4mm needles. Mostly this design is made with a single color showing elegance at its peak.

Select any pattern of your choice and feel warmth with your favorite afghan blanket.

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