The Leather Bomber Jacket – Doubts Cleared!

leather bomber jacket gallery QXVARWO
leather bomber jacket gallery QXVARWO

Leather jackets are nearly always referred to as men’s wear. When you Google search leather bomber jacket you find men wearing them. That does not mean women can’t wear them. In fact when women wear them they rock it more than men. No favoritism happening here but if you are a women then you can happily wear leather bomber jackets whenever you want to since there are so many advantages to this piece of fashion. Some may include:

The Vintage Look

Back in the 70s and 80s many men wore leather bomber jackets. And let’s just say that they killed the look. Not only did they look handsome in the extreme but you can also inspire that look by wearing a leather bomber jacket.


There are so many types of leather bomber jackets you will definitely loose count. There is the classic one worn by the military, then the Italian one made from soft leather and has a tailored cut and the motorcycle one that sports buckles and zippers. There are designer leather bomber jackets that have more detailed and intricate stitching than others and much more detail.

Lasting Time

Leather lasts for a very prolonged period of time and that ensures that you can have the same jacket even after 4 years if you take good care of it. But that depends on its quality and if it is a fake or not. Some say that the older a leather bomber jacket is the better it looks. Also if you are sure that the material is pure leather then you can polish your jackets to enhance the look and shine.

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