The swag of knitted headband

newbie knitted headband by kollabora | project | knitting / hats | HNKJTVU
newbie knitted headband by kollabora | project | knitting / hats | HNKJTVU

The Knitted Headbands are certainly something that can be related with personal swag. They come in various colors that will suit your personality no matter how individualistic you are. Speaking of individualistic here are three very distinct colors that have been chosen for headbands that are very different in their appeal. You can choose a knitted headband depending on your personality. But if you are asking how you will know what personality you are, well the color you like will explain that about you.

Black Knitted Headband: If you happen to like this color, you are a free spirited person who likes to not be bound by any rules. You like to go on long drives and longer vacations to keep in touch with your innate self. The best thing about you is the acceptance you have towards yourself and others.

White Knitted Headband: These are for the spiritual kind. Those who believe that your life has a set pattern, and a plan for everyone and so you just have to go with the flow. This certainly is for you if you like meditating more than you like clubbing.

Royal Blue Knitted Headband: Is courage your second name. if you like the head band color, it must. It is great for anyone who does not like to see injustice and stands against it at all times. You are fearless and know no boundaries when it comes to the things you just have to do.

So now you know which type of swagger you are!

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