Three easy crochet baby blanket ideas

very easy crochet baby blanket for beginners - quick afghan / throw DWAUKCP
very easy crochet baby blanket for beginners - quick afghan / throw DWAUKCP

Easy Crochet Baby Blanket Ideas are a blessing for every mother who loves to knit but does not know how to. It is never too late to pick up a hobby and what could be a better time at the birth of your child. The babies need blankets all through their childhood and so there will always be a need for such blankets. The problem though is that babies grow very fast and so the blankets sometimes go waste. Therefore, making easy crochet baby blankets is a better way to save money. Here are some ideas that you will find them so simple that you will not be able to resist making them.

Follow these easy crochet baby blanket ideas:

  1. Diagonal Design: Diagonals are very easy to crochet and following simple tips from any magazine will help you know how to make them. You just have to use a crochet needle and your hands to make them. Once you are done join them together to make an alluring piece of blanket.
  2. Edge strip: if you are just a beginner, instead of making the complete blanket out of crochet just use the crochet tools to make an edge strip. It is very easy to make and even easier to sew onto the blanket. Just transform any plain blanket into trendy with an edge strip.
  3. Overlap: this is probably the most fun idea of all. Simply make crochet strips straightly. Once you are done, overlap them like you would in a rug. And you are done!

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